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Moose tangled in swing set submits to antler sawing

A bull moose tangled in a rope swing in Soldota was so exhausted from his struggles that he didn't need to be sedated while a Fish and Game officer sawed off an antler to free him. The Redoubt Reporter says there's been a rash of moose tanglings recently on the western Kenai Peninsula. Another moose appeared to have a garden hose tangled in its antlers.

"If it's not inhibiting their movement, vision, ability to eat or their health, then we'll typically leave them alone, because whatever's tangled on there will just drop off when the antlers drop" [Fish and Game manager Jeff] Selinger said. ...

"We've also had a few calls about a moose that's been seen behind the weigh station in Sterling. It sounds like it's dragging around about 50 feet of garden hose with it," Lewis said.

Unlike the swings, the hose - while a bit unsightly - doesn't seem to be slowing the animal down from its typical seasonal activities.

"It's still following around a herd of cows," he said.

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