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Sheila Toomey

BOLO ... It's been a curious week, darlings. For instance, did you check out the published list of people who haven't claimed their booty from the Exxon Valdez settlement? There are hundreds of names -- 32 pages worth. The searchers say some are probably dead and many have moved out of Alaska and left no forwarding address.

Guess that's why they can't find two people listed on page 22 as Unpaid Claimants No. 655 and 656: Sarah Palin and Todd Palin, both of Wasilla.

No clue how much $$$ is involved. Maybe not enough for them to care about?

A QUESTION .... Who is Jerry Gallagher working for these days? He sure is working hard, coordinating Republican fundraisers and raising money for the forces that want to blow up the bipartisan state Senate coalition.

Is someone paying him to do all this? If so, who? Just curious. Maybe Ear missed a campaign filing on the topic.

Earwigs will remember that Jerry worked for many years in mining at DNR and retired to Colorado in the '90s. Then he unretired and became an ARCO-Conoco Phillips lobbyist, including the period when Gov. Sean Parnell worked there. Gallagher retired again, but came back in 2009 as Sarah's legislative director. After she resigned, he stayed on with Parnell until May 2010, then retired to Colorado again, to spend more time with his family.

Now he's back in harness. Why?

Just curious.

ANOTHER QUESTION ... Did Randy Ruedrich really gavel a Fairbanks meeting of the Republican Central Committee to a close last week before the wing nuts waiting in the wings (where else?) to take over the party next year tried to offer a bunch of resolutions? Among the more amusing was yet another censure of Sen. Lisa Murkowski for winning her write-in campaign against Joe Miller -- two years ago.

Darlings, Ear just can't wait for these folks to get the keys to the car. It should be a riot. (No offense, Randy.)

BULLETIN ... Bristol made it through the first round of her "Dancing With the Stars" return Monday. She got many points for having lost a bunch of weight. She reportedly also had plastic surgery on her face during the interim. Whatever, she's all grown up and really beautiful now.

Attention Exxon Valdez money people: Sarah and Todd were in the audience.

ON THE MOVE ... Mike "The Fish" Pawlowski, finance assistant to Sen. Lesil McGuire, is reportedly leaving to take a job with the Parnell administration at the Department of Revenue. Hmmm.

ALSO MOVING ... Taylor Bickford, who caught the Redistricting Board on the first bounce after executive director Ron Miller died unexpectedly with unmovable deadlines looming, is headed for a new job at Strategies 360, a national marketing and public relations firm, run in Alaska by David Shurtleff and former legislator Ethan Berkowitz. Talk about life changes: Taylor got married Sept. 15 to Dani Carlson.

MORE MOTION ... Jim Palmer, former vice president at BP who retired maybe six years ago, then came back to be Lisa Murkowski's state director, is retiring again. Earwigs says Miles Baker will move into his job.

KUDOS ... This goes in the About Time category: Ellen Hannan, a West High grad who played basketball for the UAF Nanooks from 1977 to 1981, was scheduled to be inducted Saturday into the UAF Sports Hall of Fame.

Ellen was a genuine phenom. She was the top UAF scorer, male or female, until introduction of the three-point line helped someone beat her record of 2,048 points. She's still second in the women's program.

And she's still the top woman rebounder ever, with 1,013.

Friends say Ellen became a teacher and taught for years in Craig, plus coaching lots of teams there over the years.

Also inducted: ski guru and former coach John Estle, volleyball player Heather "The Hammer" Harrison, and skier/runner Pavla Havlova.

KUDOS II ... Alaska driftnet Capt. Anna Young, formerly of Spenard, won an award last week at the Moondance Film Festival in New York for her film/pilot, "Alaskan Women Mariners."

Now a great-grandmother, Young has been on the water for all the big maritime stories -- from the Exxon Valdez spill to the current tsunami trash from Japan. Earwigs report she's shopping the film for a reality TV series.

Her 2007 book, "The Lost Art of Alaska Fishing," is still available through Amazon.

CURIOUS ... It was apparently news that Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Connor Kennedy (yes, one of those Kennedys) did not show up last week at the wedding of Mary Campbell and Michael Kennedy Jr. (another one of those Kennedys). Several newspapers and online sites specifically mentioned it.

Mary, who works for public radio in D.C., is the daughter of McKie Campbell, former Alaska commissioner of fish and game and current minority staff director for the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Michael is a grandson of RFK.

FAT CHANCE ... PETA, Ear's favorite wacko animal rights group, wants the mayor to let them paint an ad on city garbage trucks promoting veganism -- that's people who don't eat animals or any animal products.

They'll pay for it, according to a letter addressed to Paul Alcantar, director of Solid Waste Services.

"The ad would feature a sexy bikini-clad 'Lettuce Lady' and read, 'Meat Trashes the Planet. Go Vegan,' " the letter promises. (PETA has a curious affection for naked women. Remember when they paraded four local supporters topless, through Town Square Park, in the snow?)

The offer is PETA's latest publicity gambit, keyed to Travel & Leisure magazine's new list of the 20 dirtiest cities in the U.S. Anchorage is No. 18, dirtier than Chicago, according to the list -- a joke if you've ever been to Chicago. Our sin is apparently litter in the streets.

And how will not eating animals lessen our litter? Hey, folks, quit throwing burger bits out the window!

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