Recognize linemen for their work

As one of the thousands of residents who endured the recent outage, I want to thank the ML&P, Chugach Electric, and Matanuska Electric Association employees responsible for restoring our power. I have lived in Anchorage for more than 30 years. Many of us were prepared for the usual two- to three-hour outage but certainly not the number of hours we were without power; 30 hours for me and much longer for others. I personally learned my lesson and will be prepared the next time.

Our world is imperfect and things could always have been done better. But, let's recognize the linemen who work in the wind, rain, snow and night dealing with dangerously high voltage situations both underground and overhead. And remember the dispatchers, mechanics, operators, and technicians -- those working at the controls and power generators before, during and after the storm. These trained, professional and dedicated on the job employees focused on maintaining their safety while restoring our power.

-- Elvi Gray-Jackson