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Daily News needs to be more judicious in choosing photos

Shame on ADN!! Racism, stereotypes and bias should not be promoted directly or subtly through media forums. I am shocked at the use of the photo on the front page of the Anchorage Daily News on Oct. 1 picturing two Alaska Native men who are on a street corner shaking hands. It is a presumption that their handshake is somehow alcohol related because they are on that street corner?

To attach such a photo to the article, "Battle brews over alcohol sales ..." presumes that, doesn't it? Yet, this article doesn't say anything about Alaska Native people.

I am disgusted and weary of media portrayals stereotyping Alaska Native people as alcoholics. Really -- why didn't you put a photo of wealthy Hillside residents by this article? Or how about someone in government or academia? Alcohol addiction isn't limited to a specific ethnic group! Please stop perpetuating negative stereotypes of Alaska Native community members by your use of photos.

-- Diane Payne