Brooks Range moose destined for trophy record books

A Brooks Range moose bagged in September by  73-year-old Bob Condon of Soldotna won't set the world record, but it'll be close. From The Redoubt Reporter:

 Weighing more than 1,500 pounds with an antler spread of more than 73 inches, beams measuring roughly 10 inches in circumference at the base, and palms large enough to hammock a grown man, Condon’s bull was nothing short of a behemoth. In fact, it may end up being the second largest ever taken down.

“I knew he was a real shooter, but I didn’t know the true caliber of animal he was until I got up on him. I’ve hunted and guided nearly all my life and never gotten one over 950 (pounds), so getting one weighing 1,500 was a real treat, and it’ll be in the all-time books for sure,” Condon said.

Two years ago, Condon was gored and tossed by a moose he thought he had killed and approached without gun in hand. This time, he says, “I shot him twice when I got up on him. I did all but call in the mortician this time.”

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