Letter: To balance the playing field, we should have a flat income tax

Let us be honest. All of us receive services from various government agencies, whether said services come from local, state, and most geared toward federal.

That said, we do NOT all of us provide a "fair share" unto the cost of said services.

So, regarding payment of said services, of which we all are recipients of, I propose thus:

A -- "gasp" -- flat tax!

A flat level of say, 10 percent, or less, of income with NO exemptions, NO loopholes, NO income credits, NO child exemptions, NO exceptions.

Each and every citizen who receives any income, as well as companies, corporations, churches, etc., any entity that has income of any sort, will pay a flat rate of that income so as to provide the needed funding to run this nation.

Yes, this would include entitlement income, but not income which has been taxed already.

Every individual and company, corporation, church, etc. has their own skin in the game at an equal percentage with no exceptions.

Seems fair to me.

-- Randy Lee Harkins