Letter: Why don't we let the Big 3 oil firms earn their tax breaks?

Misleading corporate-funded election ads soon are coming to your TV, radio and mailbox soon. Be wary.

This election corporations are going to fund misleading ads to get you to vote for candidates who supported Gov. Parnell's $2 billion oil tax giveaway. That bill gives away your oil revenue, with no requirement of additional investment in Alaska. Multinational oil companies can take those breaks to Libya if they want. Brilliant lobbying work.

None of the Big 3 said they'd explore any new fields under that bill. BP and Exxon testified in response to committee questions I asked that they wouldn't. GOP activist Rebecca Logan was quoted saying corporate ads will be a "gift" to her candidates.

I and House Democrats, and a bipartisan Senate coalition, sponsored smarter rules. Our plan allows companies to earn tax breaks if they invest in new exploration, new wells, or new oil in Alaska. The Senate bipartisan plan gave a 10-year tax break for new oil.

I hope you'll ignore the ads from the many corporate groups with fancy names.

-- Rep. Les Gara