Site redesign FAQ

I can't find …

Q: Where are the obituaries?

A: Find them in the 'News' drop-down menu. Hover over 'News' in the blue bar at the top of the page. A menu will open. Click on 'Obituaries.' It's the first item.

Q: Where is the crossword puzzle? Sudoku?

A: Find them in the main navigation drop-down too. Hover over 'Entertaiment' until the menu opens, and click on 'Games.'

Q: I just want to read the newspaper online like a newspaper. Where do I find the e-Edition?

A: At the very bottom of every page is a row of icons. There's an 'e' down there. Click it to bring up the e-Edition.

Q: Where do I find the ADN Store? I want to buy the 2013 Moose Calendar.

A: We accidentally left off the store link. We're working on adding it back. In the meantime, you can go to

Q: I'm looking for [your favorite section here]. Help!

A: As a part of our redesign, we drastically streamlined the number of sections. We've deleted many sections and moved that content to more general sections. The search feature of the site is now much better. So let's say you were looking for the 'Rural Alaska' section. Just type that into the search bar at the top of the page. You'll find section results at the top of the page above the story results. Not sure of the exact section name? Just type what you know. For example, typing 'rural' into the search box also will return that section.


Houston, we have one of these problems . . .

Q: Text going under the left rail for Google Chrome users.

A: This is a bug, and we've brought it to the attention of our development team.

Q: The drop-down menus don't seem to work correctly. They don't have a background, they don't close and make it hard for me to read and click on things. What's up with that?

A: Again, we have a bug. It seems that one of the modules we're using on the story page has a bug that causes this problem in Internet Explorer 7. Our development team is working on it now. In the meantime, you might try another browser. We suggest Firefox or Chrome.

Q: The right rail with the ads and headlines is on top of my story, and I can't read it! Why?

A: This seems to have two possible causes. The first might be related to the bug above. However some folks have had luck by turning off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. Again, you might try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.