Letter: Mauer’s article was unfair to respected businessman

Reading Richard Mauer’s, Oct. 4, article, I am struck by several things. First, it is extremely biased against a well-respected businessman of 38-plus years here in Anchorage. I question your sense of journalist ethics; do we tear down others to bring them down to a lower level?

Anyone who works in Alaska for a company that works for the energy industry or its affiliates then a bias, as do we all, and that includes you.

Bob Bell’s opponent in the Senate race, Hollis French, receives a pension from BP. Does that disqualify him?

We all enjoy the fruits of the oil and gas industry’s courage to invest in Alaska. Where would we be if they were not here?

The employees of F. Robert Bell and Associates are now owners of the company. Bob Bell serves as their CEO and collects a salary like they do. Their work ethic and pride are above reproach. That is why they are successful and employ 100-plus people. Our state government needs individuals like Bob Bell in our state Senate.

— John O’Day