Letter: Praise for Mauer’s work and new ADN website

Thanks for Richard Mauer’s article that exposes the self-interest of Robert Bell when he failed to report Bill Allen’s attempt to bribe him in 1996.

Thanks also for your new website and the comments section. There I was reminded of Bob Bell’s recent scandal concerning a supposed subsistence hunt for musk ox and his attempt to claim the horns as a trophy. Thanks also for pointing out Bell’s resistance to reporting BP’s business to APOC and the millions or so dollars paid to him by BP. Thanks also for reminding us of the recent Veco-legislator oil tax scandal.

Thanks also for Beth Kerttula’s educational article and advice to direct our energies to actual incentives to oil companies that will produce more oil flowing down the pipeline. In my opinion, Gov. Parnell would do well to act on his own words, “Choose respect for women,” listen to what Beth Kerttula is saying and then act accordingly to good advice rather than giving $2 billion a year to the oil companies for nothing.

What are the chances of that happening?

— Hugh R. Hays