Letter: $2 billion a year fattens up ducks

According to Richard Mauer’s article on candidate Bob Bell (Oct. 4), in 1996, Veco tried to bribe then Assemblyman Bob Bell by offering him contracts and campaign donations in exchange for support on an issue. But Bell didn’t recognize the proposed inducements as a bribe and failed to report the criminal actions of Veco. According to Bell, that is moot because he disagreed with Veco on the issue and refused the inducements.

Today, the major oil companies and their affiliates pay Senate candidate Bell over a million dollars in contracts and donate to his campaign. But unlike Veco, Bell doesn’t see those contracts and contributions as a conflict-of-

interest on the key issue of a revising oil taxes to the detriment of state revenues. Why not? Because Bell agrees with the oil companies on that issue.

 Here’s a clue for Mr. Bell. The duck doesn’t care if you recognize its waddle or its quack as long as you feed it. Two billion dollars a year for 10 years is a whole lot of duck food.

— Elstun W. Lauesen