Letter: Alaska could become blue state again, if we all voted

Arriving in Anchorage in 1955, I've watched as Alaska changed from a deeply blue state to a red state over the course of the 1970s. I hope I can impress on fellow Alaskans that your vote counts, especially in presidential elections.

If I can convince 10 voters that’s true and those 10 can each convince 10 of their friends and so on, then I believe I've done what I can to allow voters to understand that when you vote for a president you also vote for the Supreme Court.

If you are in the fishing industry and vote for a conservative president, you will see Supreme Court judges like those that side with Exxon (corporations) instead of Alaskan fishermen. If you are a voter, then you get Citizens United (corporations instead of voters), and if you are a woman you'll see judges appointed that side with the extreme right that believe that women shouldn't control their own bodies.

Vote for your rights — vote Democratic.

— Sam Combs