Letter: Hunters followed the rules

In regard to the musk ox hunt Bob Bell went on a couple of years ago. I was on that hunt and would like to put the record straight. On the way to Shishmaref, we stopped at the Nome Fish and Game office to pick up our permits. Subsistence regulations prohibit taking horns out of the management unit unless the “trophy value” is destroyed. There was a discussion as to what that term meant to avoid any misunderstanding.

We didn’t participate in the conversation as we intended to take a young bull for the better meat.  We got our musk ox. We donated half of the meat to the elders and returned to Nome. We hired a carver in Nome with instructions to carve the horns into pieces of art and to check with Fish and Game to make sure her work destroyed the trophy value and she did.

We didn’t violate any laws and nobody accused us of violating any laws, except a liberal reporter who wasn’t there. That is what really happened.

— Cliff Judkins