Letter: Say 'Hello,' and please keep those unleashed dogs off Arcand trails

I write concerning the trails within Ruth Arcand Park off Abbott Road. There have been multiple encounters between horseback riders and loose dogs on these trails.  Riders are being told by dog owners that the park is an "off leash" dog park.

Ruth Arcand trails are not for the running of unleashed dogs. Owners are breaking the law by doing that. Horseback riders pay annual dues to maintain and use those trails. While no one else has to pay to use them, they are still considered "multi-use." We welcome dog walkers with well-behaved, leashed dogs. As in all trail etiquette, the right of way is as follows: Walkers yield to bikers and ALL yield to horses. There is no motorized trail use here.

If a rider calls out "hello" please respond in kind — the human voice reassures the horse that all is well and may avoid a tragic accident. We are a small community and pay for our small park usage. Please respect the laws against unleashed pets and the trails right of way.

— Karen Duplantis