Letter: House Republicans show their hypocrisy on security issue

In her Oct. 4 letter, Roberta Townes questions the ADN’s bias and then claims that Ambassodor Chris Stevens requested increased security from the Obama administration and was denied just days before he was killed. She makes several errors in her letter. It was not an embassy where Mr. Stevens died; it was a consulate in the town of Benghazi. Mr. Stevens took a limited security detail to Benghazi against advice of several of his security forces. The embassy is in Tripoli.

Mr. Stevens had requested an extension of security detail at the embassy in Tripoli but for the past several years, the Republicans have passed a security budget well below the budget sought by the administration for increased diplomatic security. The House Republicans have cut $670 million from the worldwide security and embassy security budgets. After they voted down requested increased security funding for our embassies and consulates, they point the finger at the administration for Mr. Stevens’ death. Hypocrites!

— Rose Kalamarides