Dead whale proves irresistible to more than Kodiak bears

The dead humpback whale that washed up on Kodiak Island last month is missing some parts, and National Oceanic and the Atmospheric Administration is making a no-questions-asked offer to people willing to quickly return baleen and bone they've illegally taken from the carcass, reports KMXT

“They would like anyone who does who has already collected hard parts they can voluntarily abandon them at Gibson Cove, no questions asked, no fines assessed, but they want people to do that within the next week,” (whale specialist Bree Witteveen said). 

If someone is caught with hard parts of a whale they can expect to pay a fine. ... Witteveen said people are still more than welcome to go check the dead whale out, but they should resist the urge to take home souvenirs. She added that it’s probably a good idea to bring nose plugs as the whale is getting pretty stinky the more it decomposes. 

And that smell may by now be attracting hungry Kodiak brown bears, which will cut down on scavenging by humans. Read more at KMXT: Grace period for collectors to return whale souvenirs