Letter: Oil companies use money for more good than the state does

The government doesn’t earn money and doesn’t spend it wisely. Let’s turn the question around. If we let the state take money from the oil companies that they took massive risks to earn, what guarantees will the state, that took no risks and earned nothing, give us in return that it will not squander the money on empty prisons, power plants, roads to nowhere, bloated government agencies and counter-productive programs to incentivize people not to work?

Hollis French claims to be an advocate for victims. What about the future generations of Alaska “victims” that will be known as people that had the golden goose (good oil jobs and production) and traded it in for a bunch of form-filling, fee-collecting, limp agencies and fast food jobs. If you look at how much good oil companies do for the community and their shareholders and how much damage the state does (probably inadvertently) to private business, it’s not a complicated decision.

— Kyle Brown