Letter: Evidence leaves one wondering which side is rejecting reality

In my experience with Democrats, I’ve had people try to convince me that our economy is somehow better with the soaring deficit and the credit rating downgrade; that declaring “gun free” zones will convince criminals, who by definition break the law anyway, to give up their weapons; that Iran acquiring nuclear energy will totally have no ill effects, despite their clear, hostile intentions towards Israel; and that an unborn infant is not alive until it touches air (wait, partial-birth abortions: until the whole baby is completely pushed out, I guess), presumably after which a magic fairy smacks it on the bottom and commands it to “Live!!,” among other things.

And speaking of conspiracy theories. How often have we heard Fox News accused of misinformation (including by Leonard Pitts himself)? Or that Bush cheated his way into the presidency? Or that all of Obama’s problems are Bush’s fault? Do I even need to mention Dan Rather?

Who’s declaring war on reality now?

— Duncan Siegfried