Letter: It’s time that Alaskans stand up and start thinking for themselves

I’d like to know when Americans stopped thinking for themselves and without too much worry about any truth whatsover toeing the Republican or Democratic party line, no matter how stupid that party line might be.

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll recognize that both parties have a bit of the cult status. If you are a Democrat, you believe in pro-choice and gun control rather than pro-life and the freedom to bear arms. If you are a Republican you must believe that there is no global warming.

Well, I worked on the Slope 30 years, and I’ve seen the yellow haze and the melting ice every time. Republicans are already yelling I’m anti-development, but the truth is, I’m about as pro-oil as one can get.

Well, why can’t one be pro-choice, but believe in the right to bear arms? Why can’t one believe that oil companies and expansion are good for our state and still believe in the beauty of the wild, and wish to preserve it?

Alaska, think for yourself!

— Lillian K. Staats