Letter: At mall, ‘boo’ replaces books

As we walked along the second floor of the Dimond Center recently, we were struck by a frightening contrast.  The space which formerly housed the Dimond Branch Library now hosts a Halloween store.  Thanks to an ill-conceived decision, the word boo now has replaced the books.

Financial prudence was the excuse for closing this well-used and popular facility, with nary a peep from the two assembly members from that part of town.  One wonders if  the next step will be to toss the contents of the Loussac branch so the building can be converted into office space and start earning a few “bucks” in place of the books,  computers, programs for kids and adults now draining the municipal treasury.

It says a lot about our values as a community when a precious asset is viewed as a drain on our resources.  If you prize our excellent libraries, let your voice be heard at budget time.

— Don McDermott