Unalaska police blotter: Celebrity piddles in puddle

Here are further highlights from the police log of the Unalaska Department of Public Safety. Read more from the log via the Dutch Harbor Telegraph. For background on the UDPS police blotter, see "Unalaska police blotter makes for great Alaska literature" (KTUU, Feb. 16, 2012) and "Dutch Harbor: The police blotter heard 'round the world" (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 5, 2009)

 Suspicious Person/Activity – Officer observed a "Deadliest Catch" star urinating in puddle and advised the man, as he zipped his pants and denied any such activity, that it was illegal to urinate in public.

Harassment – Two taxi drivers reported that they were each being harassed by the other, via rude phone calls.  An officer suggested they might want to consider not phoning one another, thus possibly alleviating the problem.

Unsecured Premise – Caller reported that roofing on a neighboring house was flapping in the brisk Aleutian breeze.  An officer contacted the homeowner and advised her of the problem.

Traffic Crime – Several complaints were received regarding particularly poor driving by the operator of a mini-van.  Officers contacted the driver, who was well-known to police, and advised him to pay far more attention to his driving.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller reported a strange man knocking on his apartment door, and believed it might be the same man who had earlier left messages with a ranting request to pray at the church.

Assistance Rendered – Officer conducted a walk-through of the airport terminal after airline staff reported a number of people, whose flights had been delayed by several days, were agitated and disgruntled.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Officer seized and destroyed an 18-pack of beer that had been left unattended near an intersection.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Homeowner reported a strange vehicle parked on her property, with keys in the ignition.  She phoned again a few minutes later when she discovered the car had been left there by the man who was doing repair work on her car.