UAF professor tests freeze-dried salmon for astronaut use

A Kodiak researcher for the University of Alaska Fairbanks is experimenting with freeze-dried sockeye salmon with an eye toward sending it into space for astronauts' dinner tables, reports the Kodiak Daily Mirror (subscription required).


[UAF seafood chemist Alexandra] Oliveira came up with the idea to freeze-dry salmon after noticing that stores sold freeze-dried vegetables for babies. She found there wasn't much research about freeze-dried salmon, so she worked to obtain an initial research grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. ...

"The idea was that it would be an interesting application for an astronaut because it is highly nutritious," she said.

In order for a food to be considered for NASA, the product has to undergo a lengthy testing process. The product has to be stored for a year, then undergo microbial and chemical analysis. Another study must determine how the meal behaves when stored in different conditions, Oliveira said. She started storing the salmon test samples eight months ago and will soon be able to conduct the final tests.

So far, taste testers have been giving the product good reviews, Oliveira says. Read more from the Kodiak Daily Mirror: Freeze-dried salmon could be a future space meal