Letter: Voters must inform themselves

Is basic civics even taught in our schools anymore? I am overwhelmed at the level of ignorance many people have of how our government works. 

Nationally, people don’t understand what a president can and cannot do. He cannot pass legislation. Congress has that authority. He can appoint Supreme Court justices, who must be approved by the U.S. Senate.

Locally, how can people question the value of Democrats and Republicans working together in the state Senate (a lot more would be accomplished if they worked together in the House)? How can anyone think that giving the big oil companies $2 billion a year with no guarantees of anything in return makes sense for our state?

I beg everyone to stop listening to the commercials and instead inform yourself on the facts so that you can be an intelligent, knowledgeable voter, rather than one whose vote is based on emotional rhetoric.

— Jamelia Saied