Letter: House candidate Higgins will make finding answers a priority

Alaska is at a crossroads, and that is why I am supporting Patti Higgins for state house in District 24, the Abbot Loop area. I know Patti Higgins will ask the tough questions. She will stand up for us, listen to our concerns, and work to develop the kind of sound fiscal plan that Alaska needs.

This year, Service High lost 10 teachers and Hanshew another three. Instead of fighting for necessary school funding, the incumbent put her personal life ahead of her public obligations and ignored the consequences of poor planning at the state level. The incumbent was not a member of either the majority or minority caucus, so our district was without effective representation.

Patt Higgins believes that people of opposing viewpoints can work together. She states frequently that partisanship should end the day after the election and problem solving should begin. Patti Higgins has knocked on four thousand doors because she wants to hear from all of us. Let’s send someone to Juneau who is on our side.

— Patricia O’Hara