Letter: Bob Bell is an honest man; I know because he instilled that in me

My father, Bob Bell, is running for State Senate. I hesitated in writing this letter because I was concerned people might not take me seriously because he’s my Dad, but recent accusations about him have made it impossible for me to stay silent.

I have never known my Dad to be dishonest in matters of politics or business. He instilled this value in me and my siblings, and is passing this admirable quality down to his grandchildren. Dad has been doing business with the same companies for many years, and I doubt they would have continued had they not found him trustworthy.

Regarding hunting, he has hunted with the same people for decades, and always followed regulations. The article Shannyn Moore wrote was very unprofessional. She didn’t speak with Dad prior to her accusations. This is just one example of the yellow journalism exhibited in this election.

I want people to know that Bob Bell is a person of integrity and I am proud to say that he is my Dad.

— Gretchen Bell