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Letter: During parent/teacher meetings, take note of what you see

This week parent/teacher conferences will be held across the Anchorage School District. Please attend. Talk with your sons’ and daughters’ teachers. Find out what your sons and daughters are learning. Look around your sons’ and daughters’ classrooms. See the new technology being implemented this year. You will see SmartBoards and computer carts, for example. Also, look around and count the number of chairs in your sons’ and daughters’ classrooms. One-time funding will buy new technologies, but it will not reduce class sizes. Forward funding of education in Juneau will. School Districts need to know, in advance, what the base student allocation is, in order to reduce class sizes in the future. 

Please support your sons and daughters. Support Hollis French, Bettye Davis, Lesil McGuire, Bill Wielechowski, Johnny Ellis, Berta Gardner, Kevin Meyer, Ron Devon, Mike Hawker, Max Gruenberg, Geran Tarr, Lindsey Holmes, Patti Higgins, Andy Josephson, Dick Traini, Gabrielle LeDoux, Les Gara, Bob Lynn, Chris Tuck, Pete Petersen, Jodie Dominguez, and Harriet Drummond on Nov. 6.

— Robin Koger

Eagle River