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Letter: By itself, being an engineer is no qualification for political office

What arrogance! 

Before accepting Bob Bell’s claim that he is qualified to be a state senator because he is an engineer (engineers make better decisions!) one would do well to remember the collapse of Galloping Gertie the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the I-35W Bridge collapse in Minneapolis, space shuttle o-rings and heat shields, the safety record of the Corvair and the Pinto, the aesthetic appeal of the Edsel, the recently completed on-time and under budget Anchorage Port project (just kidding; maybe not that one!) — all results of “sound engineering judgement”.

It seems that being an engineer isn’t enough to assure good results. The notion that being an engineer better qualifies one for setting public policy, structuring oil tax rates or crafting legislation is just plain goofy.

Support Bob Bell if you think giving $2 billion to the oil companies is a good idea but don’t support him because he thinks that, as an engineer, he is somehow better than his opponent or the rest of us.

— Jim Bowes