Wine of the week: 2010 Vina Gormaz Tempranillo

Vina Gormaz sort of sounds like "wine gourmet," but it's not. Gormaz is an ancient castle and a town in Castile-Leon, Spain. It's famous and has lots of history. This 2010 tempranillo is their entry level red, and it's tasty! Don't expect a fruit bomb here; there are plenty of red blends for that. Nope, this is one for cassoulet and beef bourguignon, cold weather and crusty bread. The dusty perfumes are subtly vinous and complicated by lightly wooded herbs. Its fruits are black, and the body is light. Cherry is the operational fruit here, with mild grip and enough length for interest. Light the fire, grab a hearty fall dish, curl up with a good book and enjoy. Cost about $15.

-- Mike McVittie reviews wines available locally