Letter: Bob Roses not leveling with the voters

This week my opponent, Bob Roses, misled readers on two issues. I believe leveling with voters is essential, and appreciate this chance to correct his misstatements.  

First, I’m proud Carol Comeau has endorsed me. Yet Mr. Roses suggested this week that he had her support this election, after being told he didn’t have her endorsement. Here is what our former Anchorage School Superintendent has written:

“I appreciated Bill’s advocacy for education, kids, and families. He was a tenacious advocate for our military families during repeated deployments. I strongly support and endorse Bill for re-election to the Senate.”

Second, he misstated both our positions on oil taxes.  As your senator, I’ve fought for legislation to require Alaska investment and Alaska jobs as a condition for reasonable oil tax breaks.

Mr. Roses has taken the opposite position. He said that he would have supported the oil company and governor’s $2 billion/year giveaway of your revenue, with a bill that allowed companies to spend that money outside, in places like Libya and Iraq. That’s poor policy.

Bob told the press that he “probably would have voted for it” (Alaska Dispatch, Aug. 30, 2012). Yet in this Friday’s Point-Counterpoint he switched both of our positions. This week he writes his plan is the same as mine, and denies he supports the governor’s $2 billion giveaway.

Mr. Roses also misled readers in writing that I “offered no plan to address the (oil) issue.” That ignores all my votes, and all the news reports of my plans dating back at least one year where I’ve clearly said Alaska investment must be required as a condition for reasonable tax breaks. My web site lists those plans (ktuu.com (Feb. 24, 2012); wielechowski.org and Jan.-May, 2012, Legislative Transcripts).

I respect differences in opinion. But truth should never be a casualty of campaigning.

— Sen. Bill Wielechowski