Alaska Ear: Laughing through tears (10/28/12)

Sheila Toomey

LAUGHING THROUGH TEARS . . . Pardonnez-ear but was that Scott McAdams, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010, the one who got crunched by both Lisa and Honor Code Joe, doing a stand-up comic routine at Chilkoot's on Wednesday?

The mustache is gone, but earwigs who hang out say it was him.

The theory was that Scott, then mayor of Sitka, agreed to run a long-shot race to build name recognition for a future run. It could still be true, d'Ears. We have a lot of jokers in office right now. Maybe Scott just wants to hone his skills before trying again.


THE DANS . . . Did anyone notice that Dan Kendall's name suddenly appeared on the muni website as "chief of staff" to Mayor Dan Sullivan? Thanks to a lack of communication by our leader, the unexplained change gave rise to rumors that former chief of staff Larry Baker had gotten cross-wise with the boss. That is apparently not the case. Friends say Larry has family business to deal with and remains a special consultant to the administration.

Anyhow, the real question here is: Kendall? The Dan Kendall who used to be on the Assembly? He's chief of staff for the city?

An earwig who has nothing better to do on Tuesdays than sit through Assembly meetings speculated that the job may be a reward for the role Kendall played when he and Sullivan were both on the Assembly. Wags say whenever Sullivan wanted to introduce some doomed measure that otherwise would have died immediately for lack of a second, Kendall seconded it.

Chief of staff is sort of the same role, right?


GOTTA GO . . . Is the persistent rumor that Gov. Sean Parnell will ask at least one of his commissioners to resign after the election true?

Ear knows nothing but suspects it might be correct. Said commissioner is, by common assent, one of the best, which means he or she exceeds Capt. Zero's performance standards, right?


THE SILLY SEASON . . . It arrived in full force and right on time, two weeks before the election. That's when the not-too-bright get caught doing the really stupid. Like the volunteer campaign worker caught removing a competitor's handouts from door knobs. More than a hundred of them, if reports are correct.

On the other hand, some silly stuff is actually funny. Radiomouth Bob Lester has a performance on YouTube that is obviously meant to counter all those TV ads urging us to kill the Alaska Senate bi-partisan coalition and give the poor suffering oil companies a tax break. It's one of those "words never uttered by actual Alaskans" routines. Ear wondered why the pro-coalition folks don't air it as a TV commercial?

It's called "Don't Bend Over Alaska 2."

Oh, never mind.


BY THE YARD . . . It's always fun to see who has what campaign signs in their yards, especially with the classic Alaska mix of political parties. An earwig cruising Turnagain this past week reported the following:

Lindsey Holmes and Don Young signs in Bill Sheffield's yard.

Hollis French sign in Ermalee Hickel's yard.

Don Young and Hollis French signs in lobbyist Ashley Reed's yard.


SNICKER . . . Mr. Whitekeys claims to have seen the following on a bumper in the Costco parking lot:

"My wife keeps complaining that I never listen to her -- or something like that."

People who like to celebrate the holidays by making fun of others should know that "Christmas in Spenard" is back again, starting Nov. 28 at the Taproot in -- where else? -- Spenard.


ANCHORAGE SOUTH . . . Things are getting out of hand down there in Palm Springs, where rich old Alaskans go to ... sit around in bars, eating, drinking and watching TV.

Perry Green says he's getting so many sunbirds from Anchortown at his Stadium Bar that he's started stocking Alaskan Amber beer. Anchorage restaurateurs are especially abundant. Eddie and Patsy James (Eddie's Sports Bar) and Bob Lucurell (the old 13 Coins) have been spotted.


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