Letter: Anand Dubey didn’t excel at ‘stewardship’ under Palin

Anand Dubey is not fit for office. His website prominently displays “stewardship” as his most important responsibility. His deputy treasurer, Rep. Mike Hawker, sent out a flier stating, “Dubey is all about one thing — stewardship of Alaska.” 

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources. 

Sarah Palin hired Dubey in 2007 as her director of Enterprise Technology Services to “… provide a robust and secure information technology infrastructure together with enterprise services that support state agencies’ business needs.”

Under his watch, Palin’s Yahoo account that she routinely used for official business was hacked and its messages plastered all over.

Under his watch, Palin and her aides routinely used private email accounts for official business, which he was aware of because he was copied on them. One high-ranking Palin official even asked him to set up her private account as the default on her device.

The Legislature needs genuine public stewards, not ones who failed in their public stewardship by allowing official business to be conducted over unsecured and unprotected servers.

— Andree McLeod