Letter: In business world, what boss would keep Millett on the job?

Remember last year’s Republican Caucus? Specifically, remember Charisse Millett’s temper tantrum when she was not named chair of the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee as she expected? Quick to the rescue, former Republican Majority Leader Kyle Johansen stepped down from the Finance Committee to free up a different seat for her. Too late. Millett’s behavior had so disgusted the Republican caucus that they decided to fill that seat with a Democrat instead. Ultimately, Johansen and Millett lost their ability to do anything in the Legislature other than show up, and that is how they have since been “representing” their districts. 

Today Millett is back in the caucus but is not expected to regain any influence due to bridges burnt by her ugly behavior. 

If this were a business, what boss would keep an employee whose unprofessional behavior so damaged the company’s well-being? Millett picked a foolish fight. She lost and severely compromised her ability to represent her constituents. The only ones who should feel more humiliated are the voters who would reelect her. 

— Laurie Dworian