Letter: Charisse Millett’s record clearly demonstrates her effectiveness

In a letter from Ms. O’Hara (Oct. 23), she wrote that because the incumbent in District 24 did not caucus with either the majority or minority “our district was without effective representation.” I write to respectfully disagree, and support the incumbent of District 24, Charisse Millett.

Rep. Millett’s record demonstrates her effectiveness. Rep. Millett was a cosponsor of the autism bill and now private insurers operating in Alaska need to provide coverage to children diagnosed with autism. Rep. Millett’s collaboration with Sen. Kevin Meyer led to improvements in our district’s schools and roads: $176,000 in library upgrades to Hanshew, $218,000 in security improvements to Service, and $4 million to upgrade and reconstruct part of East 64th Avenue, among others.

Rep. Millett testified before the U.S. Senate at the request of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, advocating for federal reclamation of the over 100 legacy wells left in the Alaska Arctic. She did this all while out of caucus. Rep. Mike Hawker recently commended her for being an effective legislator. I agree with him.

— Vasilios Gialopsos, volunteer for Rep. Millett’s re-election campaign,