Letter: Wielechowski is misleading the voters

Bill Wielechowski accuses me of misleading voters (Letters, Oct. 27). He claims I stated that Carol Comeau endorsed my campaign. I never claimed such. When IBEW, Bill’s employer, claimed I voted against increases to education funding, Carol wrote the letter clearing up the inaccuracies. The letter is on my website.

Bill states he has a plan to address oil taxes. A good plan includes clear, concise, measurable criteria. What is his plan?

Bill references a news article about my position on oil taxes. The reporter asked if I supported HB 110. I said I did not.

The reporter went on to ask, “If you had still been in the State House, would you have voted for the bill?” My answer was this: If I had been able to debate the bill and offer amendments, I could possibly have supported it. The important qualifiers are “debate,” “amendments” and “possibly.”

I am the only candidate addressing the oil tax issue with a specific, clear formula, rather than rhetoric. The plan is on my website, www.bobroses.com.

Bill claims to advocate for veterans and protecting your PFD, yet held two bills for personal gain. The bills addressed Vietnam Veterans Day in Alaska and criteria regarding active duty military’s qualifications for the PFD. Ask Reps. Stoltz, Thomas and Fiege about this issue.

Bill claims to be a fiscal conservative who stands up for Alaskans but he voted to provide round-trip airfare to Anchorage for people to attend basketball games, spent $22,000 of state money for a trip to South Africa, distributed state-printed material while going door to door for his campaign, supported film industry subsidies, etc.

I’m not the one misleading voters. It’s Bill Wielechowski who is misleading voters.

— Bob Roses, candidate for state Senate Seat G