Letter: Candidate should speak to issues, not make reckless statements

In the same way that Harry Reid said, “It’s out there that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years” Ron Devon claims in a mailer that Cathy Giessel wants “the complete privatization of Alaska’s school system!” I guess that’s why she fought for and gained funding for Girdwood public education. Mr. Devon should stop acting like his political soul mate Sen. Reid. It is not at all becoming.

Why not just be forthcoming about his position and supporters? His mailer says he is endorsed by teachers, firefighters and police officers — I think what he means is he is supported by their unions — there is a difference. He poses in a photo with Arliss Sturgelewski and Vic Fischer and calls himself “non-partisan” — fine folk but two peas in a pod politically (and by the way, you know that Arliss is not a Republican.)

Cathy Giessel is conservative, Devon is liberal — he should stop distorting the stance of his competition, speak clearly of what he believes, and let the electoral chips fall where they may!

— Chris Brown