Letter: Emergency warning system joins port, ferry projects as failures

Simply stated, the Emergency Warning System did not work during last weekend’s earthquake. After all the time and money put into “Alaska’s Emergency Warning System” we should demand and expect a working system.

The Anchorage port and The Mat-Su-Ferry failures are now joined by our Emergency Warning System on the failure list. We continue to allow those responsible to remain and accept that no one be held accountable. Now we will be flooded with more excuses, the need for more studies and consultants being hired to fix a system we were told was operational.

If we don’t change things and demand accountability the result will be nothing gets fixed, the excuses will continue and those responsible for these failures will continue to profit at our expense and put lives at risk. This failure goes beyond just wasting our money, they are now gambling with our lives. Enough is enough.

— Tom Harris

Eagle River