Letter: Judge Tan deserves to be retained

I learned Jim Minnery and the Alaska Family Action group recently sent an email to members recommending they vote to not retain Judge Sen K. Tan as an Anchorage Superior Court judge. Their description of Judge Tan as a “liberal” and “activist” judge is inaccurate.

Judge Tan is a judge who faithfully follows the law as declared by the Supreme Court. He decides cases based on the facts presented in court and accepted judicial principles established over centuries of legal decision-making in the American court systems. He consistently receives the highest ratings given by the various groups who monitor the courts and Superior Court judges.

Minnery and the AFA’s attack on Judge Tan is based on a single decision with which they disagree. Their effort to not retain Judge Tan serves only to punish a judge who once decided a particular legal issue contrary to the way they prefer but it certainly does not promote a competent independent judiciary. Judge Tan deserves the support of all reasonable voters and I urge you to vote to retain him on Nov. 6.

— Bradley Owens