Alaska Ear Do-Re-Mi (11/4/12)


DO-RE-MI . . . Our mayor is not, shall we say, a master of public relations, which is unfortunate for a guy who gets to own the Port of Anchorage expansion, undoubtedly one of the most screwed up infrastructure projects in city history. (Although, as one earwig put it, if you liked the PAC roof and are enjoying the port, just wait for the Knik Arm bridge, but Ear digresses ...)

Anyway, if you've been following Sullivan's refusal to release the draft port study until after we vote on whether to spend another $50 million to do he-doesn't-know-what, you've seen why he's in hospitality, not public relations.

After everyone stopped laughing at his claim that he couldn't tell us what the report says before Tuesday because he signed a "confidentiality agreement" with another public agency to suppress a public document about a public project built with public funds, he added that he personally has no intention of reading the 2,000-plus page report when it's released.

Well, that pretty much sells Ear on picking up another $50 million tab.

OOOPS . . . A city official who helped lead the effort to uncover the truth about the port mess reports getting the following phone call from a campaign volunteer:

Volunteer: Hi, I'm calling on behalf of Sens. (xxx & xxx) to invite you to a very special fundraiser at the beautiful home of Gov. Sheffield this coming Wednesday.

Official: I really appreciate the invitation but I'm not sure that's a particularly good venue for me to appear.

Volunteer: (pause) Oh, I hadn't thought of that but it's a very good point. Enjoy your Wednesday evening elsewhere.

Ear Tip: Look up "port mess" in the dictionary. You'll see a picture of former Gov. Bill Sheffield.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK . . . Ear tries to steer clear of partisan political stuff right before the election but this concerns the next election so ...

Earwigs report the new owners of the Alaska Republican Party have threatened to go after Don Young, Congressman for All Alaskans Except Ear and a Few Others, in the 2014 Republican primary. Apparently he's not, hmmm, Republican enough? (Apparently some working class people actually like him.)

Questioned about this Thursday, Darling Don explained what will happen if they try:

"You get in the ring with me ... I'm gonna hit you with a chair."

He said this at a fundraiser at Ruby's in Midtown where attendance busted the fire code and supporters had to eat in shifts.

IT'S HEERRE . . . Former ADN editorial page editor Matt Zencey's book about Sarah during her time as governor is out. "Unlikely Liberal" reminds us why we used to like her -- yes, Ear admits it.

She was a "pragmatic and surprisingly progressive governor," the book says, "who raised taxes on Big Oil and distributed oil revenue to every Alaskan ... (and) rankled her social-conservative supporters by vetoing an anti-gay-rights measure and placing a pro-choice woman on the Alaska Supreme Court."

OK, she had a small problem with ethics and her ex-brother-in-law, but who doesn't?

The question raised by Matt's book is: Who is this national celebrity using Sarah's name, and what happened to our former governor?

SPEAKING OF . . . Palins, TLB (The Lovely Bristol) is trying to sell her car on Craig's List. In an ad posted Wednesday, she says the 2010 Dodge Charger, white with custom black-and-white leather seats, has 14,510 miles on it.

An earwig with drive checked the Kelley Blue Book and reports the suggested price is $25,569. After-market celebrity may add value but not much. TLB wants $27,500.

KUDOS . . . Jeff Feldman, attorney to the stars, has been inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.

Yeah, it doesn't sound that interesting but in the world of lawyers this is a big deal. Invitation-only, black tie event at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC (before Sandy). Only 1 percent of the country's trial lawyers are deemed good enough.

You have to try a zillion cases to even be considered. According to local lore, Jeff has lost only one jury verdict in his approximately 30 years in private practice, and that was reversed on appeal.

Asked about the ceremony, all he would say was, "They seated us geographically. I was the only Alaskan, and they didn't know what to do with me. So they sat me at a table with Canadians."

OH PLEASE . . . Did a show about drug use here, aired on the National Geographic Channel, really say Anchorage is the capital of Alaska? National Geographic? Really?

LIVING THE DREAM . . . For the first time in five years, Vic Kohring doesn't have an open court case.

This fact prompted a news story in Monday's Frontiersman.

Ear was amused at first but Andrew Wellner's story is convincing: it really is news. Ear had no idea how many court cases the felonious ex-legislator was involved in. You can check it out via Google.

OUT AND ABOUT . . . A sure sign that Armstrong Oil, the newbie on the block, is a comer was the crowd of hot shots who turned out for their party at the Pipeline Training Center Thursday -- in Fairbanks no less.

Earwigs report spotting a bunch of politicians, labor leaders, lobbyists, candidates and just plain in-folk, including former AG Charlie Cole, businessman and former candidate for governor John Binkley, the Joes (Sens. Joe Paskvan and Joe Thomas), former Mayor Jim Sampson, DNR Deputy Commish Joe Balash, former Sen. Bert Sharp, Reps. Steve Thompson and Dave Guttenberg -- you get the picture.

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