Letter: Judge Tan makes positive impact

Almost three years ago, Judge Tan presided over my mother’s and my attempt to take away my father’s shared custody over me. As a father himself, Tan made a ruling that he hoped would foster a relationship my dad and I lacked. However, when he saw me in the courtroom again, this time for my sister’s custody hearing, he surprised the courtroom by requesting my presence in his office. He asked me to write him a letter regarding his ruling of my case because he “rarely gets the chance to be evaluated by those he has impacted.” We talked extensively about how his ruling impacted my life, and he used this conversation as evidence to make a better decision for my sister. 

Judge Tan’s honest desire for goodness impacted me far more than a now dated court ruling. That’s why I urge Alaskans to re-elect Judge Tan this Tuesday, to allow him to continue his positive impact on lives of children like me, and to ignore the conservatives’ ill intentions with a vote for integrity.

— Sydney Scout

Victoria, B.C., Canada