Letter: To muffle dogs, talk to owners

I got a chuckle out of “Dog owners should consider neighbors when canines bark,” Oct. 31. Ms. Little must be one of my neighbors. I find few things more annoying than people who let their dogs bark for hours on end while they sit or sleep within a few yards of the offenders. What has worked best for me is to politely ask the owners to better supervise their pets. Or leave a letter to that effect. That has produced immediate relief in most cases. Try to get their phone number so you can call them if needed.

Often the dogs are being attended to by owners or house sitters who are clueless about the need dogs have to be with us. They are pack animals and get very frustrated and bark when left alone or see and smell other dogs passing by.  

Overall, pets are good for people but sometimes, people are not good for pets.

— Pete Panarese

Eagle River