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Letter: Real slippery slope: benefits for non-customary unions

Elise Patkotak is mistaken. (“How can you deny this gay couple their civil rights?” Oct. 31) The civil right is for one man to marry one woman or for one woman to marry one man. From the beginning, our country has been served well by this custom. The slippery slope is not marriage between a dog and his master. It is extending social benefits to non-customary unions — Muslims find appropriate marriage between a man and four women (and also stone to death daughters who “dishonor” the family), jack Mormons sanction marriage between old men and multiple young girls. That is the slippery slope. Ms. Patkotak’s gay Jewish cousin and his partner of 40 years have worked hard, contributed to their community, paid their taxes, voted in elections and raised a family. What is the problem that will be solved by forcing the government to formally sanction their union?

— Arlene Carle