Letter: Wildlife is making Anchorage dangerous for city’s residents

When did Anchorage become Jessy Coltrane’s private petting zoo?

Seriously, first it was the geese causing traffic accidents and downing aircraft, with the ensuing tragic loss of human life.

Next nature’s little builder, the beaver, moved back into our city after a long hiatus to flood our homes and streets, cut down our parks’ trees and attack our curious dogs enjoying an afternoon’s city outing with their masters.

The moose are so common and ill tempered that cross-country ski trails require pepper spray and a .44 caliber pistol for protection. Children walking to school are more at risk from moose then from pedophiles or cars.

No wonder the bears love Anchorage.

Alaska is a great and wild place. I am all in favor of protecting these wild treasures. When I am in wild places, I accept the inherent risks and rewards of being near all of god’s creatures. However, Anchorage is not Alaska, it is a large metropolitan city, and its residents should be safe from bears, moose, geese, and of course, the beaver.

— David Miller