Letter: National individualism dies as Americans opt for dependence

The idea that we are a nation of autonomous, freethinking people is fading as a result of the Nov. 6 election. Less than half of us still hold to the concept but it’s becoming clear that a majority feel dependence on government is a better option.

We are witnessing the death of individualism, as over half the country now values group thinking and collectivism over being capable, self-sustaining individuals. They have no interest in living a life free from interference by the government. They want a world where their decisions, from soda size to health care, are made for them.

We are evolving toward a country where success is no longer something to be admired; it’s something to be jealously mocked, ridiculed and destroyed.

The one bright spot is that Alaska voters did away with the disastrous state Senate coalition, electing a Republican majority that we can all expect will move the state ahead on oil and gas tax reform, a gas pipeline and other important state business for the benefit of all Alaskans.

— Bob Lewis