Letter: Raze the Electoral College; national will is what’s important

I have several comments about this week’s election, all of which relate to the electoral system itself.

The method for counting votes needs to join the Internet age: Those dire warnings about vulnerability are just a distraction. The Electoral College has to go. It should be figuratively razed to the ground and never rebuilt. The election for president should be decided at the national level: which candidate gets a simple majority of the popular vote. States’ rights are less important than the national will when the nation is electing a national leader.

The Supreme Court’s decision about the financing of elections needs to be rendered moot through a constitutional amendment. There needs to be a greater number of viable national parties in this country. The idea that the will of an electorate of nearly 200 million can be fairly represented by two antiquated parties is patently false. Centrist, stable but corrosively undemocratic.

This country needs to stop saying it’s the greatest democracy in the world and start behaving as one.

— Toby Widdicombe