Aces historical factoid: Interesting? Or just a sportswriter being a total stats geek/nerd?

The Blog is certainly not a stats genius -- he's got the C- in college 098 math class to prove it -- and by no means a stat junkie, but he was out for a run today when the two neurons he does have in his brain pan apparently connected.

The Blog thought to himself, "Huh, wonder if the Alaska Aces have ever won two consecutive games in regulation with as few as three total goals scored?'' He wondered because the Aces head into their series finale at Las Vegas tonight off a 1-0 regulation win over the Wranglers on Wednesday and a 2-1 regulation win over them on Friday.

Well, it turns out, those back-to-back wins with a total of just three goals marks the first time in the club's ECHL 10-season history -- and that covers a combined 768 regular-season and playoff games -- that it has won consecutive games in regulation with as few as three total goals.

And the Aces did it on the road, no less.

Prior to this two-game run, the best the Aces ever did with as few as three goals total in consecutive games came at Idaho on Nov. 6-7, 2008, when it lost a shootout, 2-1, to the Steelheads, then won 2-1 the following night.