Letter: Nothing that our government does is free

Response to Rush Limbaugh:

I am a 56-year-old white guy, joined the Navy out of high school and have worked every day of my adult life until February 2011. I found a new job in October of 2011. But I can’t buy health insurance now. I could buy health insurance through my four employers for all those years. I paid my share and the only claim was gall bladder removal in 2009.

I am overweight, and now I can get no insurance company to insure me. Blood pressure is fine, blood sugar fine, cholesterol fine, just fat and now old. But the rules with these insurance companies say you stop coverage and we get to roll you.

I am so glad Obama won so I can have the opportunity to buy — yes, not be given, but buy — health insurance again. I don’t know what free stuff he is talking about. I pay unemployment taxes, Social Security taxes, taxes toward Medicaid and Medicare, property taxes on my house, sales taxes on my car and gas. Not to mention income tax. So if I want a road fixed, or something for my retirement, how is that free? Nothing the government does is free; we are the government and we pay for everything.

So I don’t need Santa Claus, but sometimes I need government to step in and do what others will not.

— Brant Rice