Alaska Ear: He da man (11/11/12)

It's been a slow week here on the gossip beat. Unfortunately all of our generals and admirals seem to be behaving themselves. So with that said . . .

SMELL OF CONCRETE IN THE MORNING. . . The new ruling majority in the state Senate held its organizational meeting at the Anchorage headquarters of the Associated General Contractors of Alaska. That bodes well for another giant capital budget.

HE DA MAN . . . Earwigs say the new senator from the City on the Edge of Nowhere, Click Bishop, was the 11th yes that made possible the new Republican Senate majority. Is it all right if Ear calls him Senator Click? Just for fun? That will help make up for the impending loss of Rep. Dick.

HELL HAS FROZEN OVER . . . Ear was stunned to learn that BP President John Minge is hosting a fundraiser at his home for Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

BP supporting a Democrat?

That raises a question: What happens if the oil industry's favorite current governor runs against Begich?

OMG -- we're already talking about the 2014 campaign. Stop!

WORTH 1,000 WORDS . . . Former Daily News photographer Jim Lavrakas will preside at a public launch party on Tuesday, Nov. 20, for his just-out book, "Snap Decisions: My 30 years as an Alaska News Photographer."

Jimmy, now a fishing guide and boat captain in Homer, chased ambulances, cop cars, fire engines and people around Anchorage starting during pipeline days. He produced baskets full of dynamite photos (in at least one case, literally dynamite) that became our memories of daily life here.

The reception is in the ADN lobby, 6 to 8 p.m.

There will be cake. He promised.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW . . . Remember that Oprah Winfrey show back in the late '80s, "Alaska Men Looking for Brides?" Well, according to ads for her network, Oprah is revisiting some of those then-bachelors Tuesday to see if they ever found love.

Will anyone have been together with the love they found as long as former Hickel aide John Hendrickson, one of the bachelors on the show? Remember how snippy people where when he and heiress Marilou Whitney got hitched (without any help from Oprah)?

They've been together 19 years.

So far.

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