Letter: AWWU workers did a fine job getting water main repaired

I noticed a problem with our water pressure Thursday morning and thought to myself, “What an unsatisfying shower.” I soon learned a main water line had broken and that Lake Otis Parkway had been closed between Northern Lights and 36th Avenue while AWWU crews responded.

I quickly said a prayer of gratitude for the clean, hot water on demand to which I am accustomed. I patiently endured the inconvenience of taking less efficient routes to get in and out of the neighborhood, the resultant traffic jams and the speeding cars on our street as frustrated drivers futilely tried to find an outlet where there was none. Crews worked hard to fix the problem, and in less than 24 hours, I again enjoyed good water pressure.

 I know well from living abroad that we Americans enjoy a level of public service inconceivable in many countries of the world. I vowed to write this letter praising the fine job done by AWWU and to avoid taking for granted all of the services I daily enjoy. Kudos!

— Tam Agosti-Gisler