Letter: Beware of phone scammers trying to get your banking info

Attention, new scam alert. While watching football Sunday with my family, we received a phone call from someone asking to speak to me, and he said he was from Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (my favorite financial institution. I am a non-attorney, non-compensated spokesperson). He said he wanted to verify my financial information: he had my name and address correct, but before he could go on, I told him, “Hold on, I don’t trust you, Alaska USA would never contact me on a Sunday unless it had something to do with a fraudulent charge on my credit card.” He said, “OK, good day sir, sorry to bother you.”

I called the number showing up on my caller ID: (609) 718-2432, which was listed as “Cenlar FSB, AF.” I called the number, and the message said, “Please be advised that this number cannot be used for incoming service.” Beware of these thieves, and be careful of what you divulge.

— Paul C. Roehl