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Letter: ‘Obamunists’ can celebrate now, but things are going downhill fast

Only now is the Kool-Aid Krowd getting a dose of post-election reality from the MSM (ADN 11/10).

It did require a sex scandal to garner interest in “Benghazigate” — stay tuned. Instead of just the top 3 percent, everyone earning over 40K will “fair share” in tax increases. We are witnessing a falling stock market and layoffs as investors and business prepare for Obamacare. 

Regarding Katrina-east we see the ineptitude of Big Government — “Good job Napolitan(ie)” Our president is finally stopping by New York on his way to Burma — campaigning must have been exhausting.

In his op-ed Paul Krugman, the Keynsian Keystone Kop, is preparing blame for budget woes on John Boehner. It appears the blame Bush warranty has expired. 

But now’s the time for the “Obamunists” to celebrate and toast the MSM, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare, and (coming soon) Stuxnet and the fiscal cliff. Then pour another from the pitcher of poison labeled Hope and Change.

— Mark Mendonsa